It is everywhere you go that you find that everyone indulges in fashion fad. Be it of the past, present and the future. Fashion is unique, wonderful and powerful When people create ideas using their cultures, religion, and daily life to form a style that truly expresses them and others.

My name is Jacqueline Jorji. I am a graduate at the Fashion Institute of Technology With a BFA in Fashion Design. I specialized in Evening wear/Special occasion. I have been working in the Fashion industry for over five years now and I have a story to tell. NNative Inc. is my clothing Line Company and it is Launching its first collection of West African Inspired clothing with a modern and exotic twist. Therefore, I want to tell a story of my past, my present , and my future; My culture, My religion, and life lessons which contrive a few layers of myself . I wanted to introduce a line that I am Passionate about and I know will bring a sense of confidence to whoever that puts it on. Clothes that are Fun, unique, youthful and timeless pieces that would last for years to come. Yes! I truly believe “It is better to create than to be learned, creating is the true Essence of life”